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The most important olive oil is the “Extra Virgin Olive Oil” that is get in cold squeezing without using solvents and chemical treatments; so it conserves all the qualities and all the substances (carotene, ecc…) that protects the human organism.

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a perfect food for every age: it’s very important for children’s diet because the percentage of fat acids is not so far from the percentage of maternal milk, indicated for who makes sport because is rich of energy readily digestible, essential also for the older people because limits the loss of Ca in the bones.

The Extra-Virgin Olive Oil "Fornacino" is good at taste and for health. But it has another important qualities:
it fights the LCD, the bad cholesterol;
it helps th HDL, the good cholesterol;
it protects hearts and veins, he fight the cerebral ageing and prevents arteriosclerosis.
We recommend to eat this olive oil uncooked to appreciate at best its qualities.
Fornacino farm has a limited extension: so limited is also the production of extra-virgin olive oil, that comes out from the work of olives completely cultivates into the farm’s territory.
The particular quality of this oil – with a minimal level of acidity – is an immediate consequence of a rigorous, strict BIOLOGICHAL canon of farming. Our guests support that Fornacino’s Olive Oil is one of the best product made in the “Consorzio of Chianti Classico”.